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The Bear Bums are an NFT Collectible series. There are 10,000 of them that were uniquely and programmatically generated with over 350+ variations, accessories, and personality traits.

The Bear Bums overall will become a foundational community within the blockchain itself. Although, they are an NFT collectible, these bears are much more than just a character, they are an entire NFT journey and experience within the metaverse they call home.


Welcome To The Crew


The Bear Bums offers an exclusive 10,000 NFT collection that includes extreme rares, animations, and other innovations not yet prominent in the NFT space.

Full Transparency

We believe in complete ownership and fair distribution within our community. Which is why we have put a strong emphasis on security of our investors/community members.

Tight-knit Community

Become part of an amazing community that encourages love for one another and the planet. As our member base expands our goal is to give each and every one of you a more rewarding experience and continuous exclusive benefits for being a part of our vision.


As the project continues to grow, so do the perks and rewards given to our community members. We will be offering consistent prizes in multiple forms, such as airdrops, sneak-peaks, merchandise, and so much more! Our goal is to constantly give back to our communtiy that supports us through this evolution.

Plant a Tree With Every NFT Sale or Resell

Beyond creating an amazing community within the Metaverse,our goal is to cultivate envionrmental impact and awareness. We want to make it a goal to plant 10s if not 100s of thousands of trees around the world and give our bears their home back!


Road Map

Phase 1

We give our Bear Bums a home in the form of our Website and social channel launches. The bears are then revealed, and two are even given new homes, as we begin to build awareness of this bear army.

Phase 2

Five more bears are adopted while the rest get ready to party on Opensea. To celebrate, we begin rebuilding the bear’s natural habitat by planting a tree for every bear sold or resold for the entirety of their existence! Our goal is to plant 1,000,000+ trees! The first press release on the Bear Bums hits the NFT media, and the community goes wild when we do a surprise air drop of a rare bear…

Phase 3

It’s time for the rare bears to stop being so shy and reveal themselves! The community gets to meet these creatures that have been hiding, and find them now on Opensea. We introdce our Honey Points and its incentives to the community. Sold over 2,000 Bears and we begin planting trees right away!

Phase 4

The Bear Bums wake their community out of hibernation by dropping some major bombs. Details of upcoming comic book drop series come to light, and a major announcement is made.

Phase 5

Huge giveaways, announcements, partnerships, and more are all in the works as the Bear Bums begin teasing the release of their short mini bear comics

The Story continues....

The next generation of bear bums begin...just wait and see what we have in store with our very own companion collection.... The Retro Pawz!!!



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Frequency Asked Questions

The Bear Bums, are a collection of  10,000 characters algorithmically generated. They are a collection of bear characters with 300+ different personality traits, accessories, and even animations. 

We will have a collection of extremely rare animated & voiced characters within our exclusive collection. 

Members will have exclusive access to our club which will include benefits and offers that will continue to grow and expand over time

The Bear Bums overall will become a foundational community within the blockchain itself. Although they are an NFT collectible, these bears have a story behind them unlike any other.

These bears and their world differ from the rest. First of all, their world isn’t exactly “real”. In the year 2075, a world-renowned hacker and gamer named Max is now known highly amongst the metaverse itself as a creator of worlds. Max wanted a unique approach to his creation. Mainly, he creates worlds in which humans can roam freely, interact and have fun, but he wanted to create a world where humans aren’t allowed in. A world that builds itself and starts from scratch, a world run by bears. Thus began the creation of The Bear Bum world. The Bear Bum world is protected by code encryption and no one has access to it other than Max himself.

This world was created in a way that allows freedom and variety amongst the bears themselves. Meaning their lives and what they do with them is randomly and programmatically created for them and for each bear only. They do not know their world isn’t “real”. One thing Max didn’t want in this world that happened far too much on his own was war, violence, and constant destruction. The bears are each uniquely different and are free to create their own lives, but they are all programmed to not do anything that might bring harm to another form of life, especially to their own world.

Within the bear bum world, we will meet our protagonist, Frank. Frank, along with a few friends, are the central scheme behind the bear bum world and now hold the future of this world in their hands. A virus has overrun the program itself. Glitches are appearing throughout their world, bears are disappearing, portals are opening. While Frank and his crew tap into what they know as “the code” and try to figure out what’s going on in their world, Max frantically tries to figure out where the virus could have come from. Until he finally realizes, he’s been hacked by a bear himself within the metaverse.

Frank, who is in charge of “the code” and lives on his computer, comes across these glitches and is inching closer to the fact that his world might not be what he thought it was… It might not even be real…

In order to learn more about the bear bums and their story, join our discord and become a part of the community once we officially launch. There is much more to come in the bear bum world. 🙂

This collectible prides itself in fair distribution and giving everyone and anyone the possibility to be part of this membership/world. The initial launch price will start at 0.08 ETH

You can buy a Bear Bum, either through connecting your wallet to our website or purchasing them on opensea.

Members that hold any Bear Bums NFT will have exclusive access to all of the wonderful things we have planned throughout our roadmap.  


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